preschool200by200Evangel Christian Pre-Academy is committed to the total development of our students: Spiritually, Academically and Physically. Our instructional program includes not only basic subjects necessary for kindergarten graduation but also the spiritual, social and physical training necessary to prepare the child to be a responsible, mature Christian citizen who will honor both God and country. By partnering with parents, we can accomplish these goals.

We promote Christian values in our academic program while providing an atmosphere conducive to Christian growth. This includes teaching moral and spiritual fidelity and the pursuit of Godly wisdom, knowledge and understanding, discerning truth from errors as dictated in the Holy Bible.

Education is the foundation for life-long knowledge. With this in mind, our curriculum is specifically designed to prepare our students for advancement into elementary school.

Suzanne Reyes

Suzanne Reyes, Preschool Director

Suzanne Reyes, Pre-Academy Director
If you have any questions regarding our Pre-Academy Program, please call us at 505-883-4674 ext. 114 or ext. 119